Top 5 GST Software for Return Filing

Everyone wants best for themselves and if you are struggling to choose the best GST software for your business, Given below is a list of Top 5 GST software in India which can help you with GST Compliances, Invoicing and Auto-Calculation of GST. The list is in no specific order and makes a comparison showing the good with the bad for you to choose what is best for you.

Isn’t it hectic if you have to travel here and there and paying high fees to professionals for every little support? It is not very viable and stress-free. The current ongoing scenario is all about mobile and desktop applications, web assistance, software, etc.

Therefore, A GST software can help you maintain your account books in accordance with GST Laws in a more simplified way.

Let us first look into the different types of GST Software available in the market to be able to make a right choice.

Here are the Top 5 GST software for return filing:

  1. Legalraasta 

Legalraasta is one of the GSPs (GST Suvidha Provider) who has been authorized to develop a platform to enable the taxpayer to do the GST compliances. There is very less GSP’s right now and Legalraasta is one of them.

Super easy GST Filing software, ideal for the Tax Consultant to manage his Clients Tax Filings. The Tax Consultant can allow his clients to create Invoices and enter Purchase bills, whilst he reconciles and files the returns. Step-by-Step guidance is offered on chat and it has a set of e-learning videos in vernacular languages to help understand GST.

It provides features like:

  • GST Invoicing
  • HSN/ SAC Code Mapping
  • Auto Reconciliation from GSTN
  • GST Computation
  • GST Challan Generation
  • GST Payment
  • GST Filing
  • Free e-learning

You will get benefits like:

  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Hard disk crashes don’t affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • High control over data
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Low price

It also provides services like GST return, TDS return filing, Income tax return etc. Even if you want to form a business or need any legal license like FSSAI license, IEC license etc.

  1. Taxraahi

As the name suggests, Taxraahi –A GST ready material will be your helping and guiding hand.

Simple and accessible to use GST Software and it is one Stop for all GST Compliances | Removing all roadblocks for the transition to GST

It will eradicate the shortcomings of the current tax structure and provide a simple solution when it comes to returning filing.


  • Easy GST data Import from Tally
  • Easy GST invoicing with automated accounting
  • One view GST dashboard for Accountants
  • Inventory management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Sales & Purchase Orders


  • Tooltips and videos facility for better understanding
  • The excel-like interface helps in navigate back and forth easily
  • Import from excel or your ERP solution(not possible via gov. utility
  • File return of multiple clients without having to log in multiple times
  1. Tally

Tally is a well-known accounting software that manages inventory and payroll. It is one of the most economical software available. With the complexity of tax structure in India, you require a simple but helpful GST software and that is Tally.

This software has a very wide range of software.


  • HR and payroll
  • Investment
  • Multiple companies
  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice
  • Product database
  • Supplier and purchase order management
  • Taxation management


  • Accountant Friendly
  • Does not need internet to operate
  1. Zoho

Zoho Books lets you manage your business finances, keeps you GST compliant, and makes GST filing effortless, all within a single software at no additional cost.

It is an easy to use software with Accounting integrated for small business. 


  • Mobile app
  • Accounting
  • Cloud-based


  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Hard disk crashes don’t affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • High control over data
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Self-customization to some extent
  • Low price
  1. Busy

BUSY is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses.  With many installations worldwide, BUSY is one of the leading accounting software in India.


  • Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency)
  • Inventory Management (Multi-location)
  • Production / Bill of Material
  • Sales / Purchase Quotations
  • Sales / Purchase Order Processing
  • Fully User-configurable Invoices


  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Hard disk crashes don’t affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • High control over data
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Affordable price

Which should I choose? 

With the onset of GST in India, the businesses that comply with the rules of GST is made to operate under various regulations. This means that there should be regular filings of financial records and auditing. When you own medium-sized business, all these tasks can cause a huge headache.

With the listed software you can easily take control of your financial record and welcome GST well prepared. Selection of a good GST software is crucial for your business as you won’t be changing your software more often. A good accounting software can help you save time and money lost in complying with the GST law.

So, if you want an offline accounting software and have an accountant to operate it, go for Tally. You’ll easily get someone to operate it. But it might prove little expensive if you have multiple users accessing it.

If you want an easy to use GST software, go for LegalRaasta or Taxraahi as they both are a complete accounting software which fully complies with GST law. Designed in such a manner that Indian businesses can get most of it. It has the simplest interface among all the software available in the market.

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